TT1000 Hoist

Product number : 25-502000

The GRIZZLY TT1000 hoist has a 1000 lbs lifting capacity. Its front and rear legs are adjustable in height and its front leg has two gates. The rear leg base is designed to receive GRIZZLY 597 000 counterweights (sold separately).

The standard power unit features a GX270 Honda engine and a bearing mounted drum with pawl and spring, and a 200’ x 3/16″ aircraft cable. The engine is fixed to the chassis and a clutch mechanism,with idler, pulls the load up. The hoist is supplied with a block, a block with hook and pins. For even more load control, we suggest the optional GRIZZLY 503 500 hydraulic power unit featuring a 9 HP Honda engine and smooth starts and stops, better precision and powered descents.


Weight: 565 lbs.

Options (sold separately):
• 597 000 Counterweights
• 501 480 Gravel bucket
• 501 300  Fork
• 590 000 Trash tray

Hydraulic Sweeper

This 44’’ sweeper allows you to sweep forward, to the left or to the right depending on your needs. The brush rotation speed is adjustable. A high rotation speed will be used to throw debris and snow a fair distance or a slower speed will be used when keeping debris like stones and rubble closer to the brush is important.