Safety Insulated Tank

Product number : 25-146500

GRIZZLY insulated tanks are manufactured using all new materials, not recycled 55 gallon drums. All our tanks are water tested for leaks before they are insulated and jacketed. The hot tanks can be mounted on different machines such as:

– 140 000 and 141 000 Little Giant trailers (LG-18)
– 144 000 Utility carriers
– 330 000, 332 000 and 333 000 Workhorses
– 340 000 Predators

Weight: 72 lbs

The 601 201 draincock is sold separately.

Hydraulic Sweeper

This 44’’ sweeper allows you to sweep forward, to the left or to the right depending on your needs. The brush rotation speed is adjustable. A high rotation speed will be used to throw debris and snow a fair distance or a slower speed will be used when keeping debris like stones and rubble closer to the brush is important.