Product number : 25-860000 / 25-861000

HERCULES is a mobile roof anchoring system that maximizes productivity, safety and ease of use through innovative design and advanced features.

Ready to use immediately when placed on the roof. No assembly or counterweights required.

This fall arrest system becomes easily stationary:
• The handle serves as a brake
• The wheels can be raised
•The wheels are removable

Can be left on a building that requires frequent maintenance.

Designed to be CSA Z259.16–04 compliant.

See Brochure for more details:

MODEL 860000 (for Quebec only):
Allows two (2) workers to be tied off while using for fall arrest or travel restraint mode.

MODEL 861000:

Allows one (1) worker to be tied off while using for fall arrest and two (2) workers on travel restraint mode.

Hydraulic Sweeper

This 44’’ sweeper allows you to sweep forward, to the left or to the right depending on your needs. The brush rotation speed is adjustable. A high rotation speed will be used to throw debris and snow a fair distance or a slower speed will be used when keeping debris like stones and rubble closer to the brush is important.